• Election Week Dos and Don’ts

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    I read this article from Dayna Steele at FastCompany.com and thought this not only applies to the workplace, but to the public in general… and especially Social Media.  I don’t know about you… but I’ve grown tired of the alarmist and those sending you to the pit of hell because of your voting choice. I mean… haven’t you read Matthew 7 at all? *Breathe Randi

    Anyway, I digress. Here’s some great tips for the workplace, home and public to help us through the rest of the 2012 Election Season: 

    • Don’t tell your employees whom they have to vote for or threaten their jobs if they do not vote for your choice of candidate. We don’t do that in the USA.
    • Do try to listen. If we all listened to each other more, we would find many more points of agreement.
    • Do encourage everyone to vote. It is the most important voice we have in the United States of America.
    • Do encourage civil discussion. Remember, this is an election, not a football game.
    • Do give your employees extra time during early voting or on Election Day to vote. Do let them know they can come in late, leave early, or take a longer lunch to vote. Don’t dock their pay for this extra time.
    • Don’t express your negative opinion about the candidates. You never know whom you might offend.
    • Don’t berate others for their choice.

    Check the rest out here!

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