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Summer’s here and while you may be dreading the scorching heat, Yolanda Adams provides some helpful indoor exercises that will keep you in shape!

Click below to listen to a full description of these exercises and make sure you listen to Wellness Wednesdays on “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show” from 6-10 am EST/5-9 am CST for great health tips.

1. Jumping Rope

2. Ski Jumps (Side to Side)

3. Swimming ( water dips & arm curls)

4. Water Aerobics

5. Walking fast

a. Go as fast as you can for 5 mins

6. High Knee Lifts ( 3 sets of 15)

a. Helps with knee pain / problems

7. Weighted Step Ups

8. Side Lying leg lifts

9. Inner Thigh leg lifts

10. Calf Raises

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